GlycoMimetics is focused on discovering and developing novel medicines based on an understanding of the role carbohydrates play in important biological processes.

Almost all human proteins that are expressed within the cell are modified by the post-translational addition of complex carbohydrates to the protein surface. Many of these carbohydrate structures affect the functions of these proteins and their interactions with other molecules.

One key to understanding many complex biological interactions, therefore, is to understand the functional role that specific carbohydrates play. This field of study is known as glycobiology.

The structures of carbohydrates account for much of the complexity and functionality of proteins and protein activity. As the structures and roles played by specific carbohydrates are defined, GlycoMimetics is designing specific molecules that can act on these biological processes.

The term “glycomimetics” refers to molecules that mimic the structure and activity of carbohydrates. GlycoMimetics is discovering and developing compounds that are mimetics of naturally occurring carbohydrates (glycomimetics), and not natural carbohydrates themselves. Our product candidates are rationally designed to function more like traditional therapeutics (e.g., exhibiting good bioavailability and pharmacokinetics) and to enhance the key biological activity over the native carbohydrate structures.

By delivering on highly differentiated product profiles, GlycoMimetics drug candidates have potential to address significant unmet medical needs. In addition to our drug candidates in the clinic, which target vaso-occlusive crisis in sickle cell disease and AML, drugs in research include therapies for other cancers.