Pipeline & Technology

GlycoMimetics is focused on discovering and developing novel medicines based on an understanding of the roles carbohydrates play in health and disease. All of GlycoMimetics’ compounds have been discovered internally, leveraging the company’s specialized chemistry and our in-depth understanding of carbohydrate biology (“glycobiology”).

Pipeline September 2016

Rivipansel, the lead candidate within our clinical portfolio is in a Phase 3 clinical trial being conducted by Pfizer Inc. It has been shown in a Phase 2 clinical study to have the potential to provide a treatment for vaso-occlusive crisis of sickle cell disease, one of the most common genetic diseases in the United States. We began clinical trials of our second drug candidate, GMI-1271, in 2014. This drug candidate is currently being studied in a Phase 1/2 clinical trial as a potential treatment for AML in combination with chemotherapy and in a Phase 1 clinical trial, combined with bortezomib-based chemotherapy, as a potential treatment for multiple myeloma. Learn more about our pipeline programs: